Phenotropil® restores cognitive functions from the first tablet!

Phenotropil ® this is an original nootropic drug with INN fonturacetam.

Phenotropil ®was developed for Soviet cosmonauts in 1983 at the Institute of Biomedical Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The legendary "medicine for the mind", which was a priority choice among nootropics for most prescribing specialists.

Phenotropil has a complex mechanism of action, which includes nootropic, adaptogenic, antiasthenic, antidepressant, neurometabolic and neuroprotective actions.1

  • Promotes memory consolidation1
  • Facilitates the learning process1
  • Increases concentration1
  • Increases the body's resistance to stress under conditions of excessive mental and physical exertion1
  • Improves physical performance1
  • Improves psychoemotional state1

The effect of the drug Phenotropil occurs within an hour after administration. 2

The average course of the drug is 1 month, taking 1-2 tablets a day.1

Phenotropil restores cognitive functions from the first tablet. 1

1Instructions for medical use of the drug Phenotropil. V.I. Akhapkina, T.A. Voronina. PHARMATECA No. 13 — 2005

2The time to reach the maximum concentration in the blood Tmax is 1 hour