Exportal — special agent

Exportal (lactitol) helps for reconstruction microbiome comes back and regulates bowel movement1.

Product has prebiotic qualities. Non-absorbable disaccharide is made from milk sugar - lactose. If the dosage is 20 g and more – this product has purgative effect1.

The active ingredient, lactitol, belongs to the group of osmotic purgatives recommended by the Russian Gastroenterological Association as first-line drugs for constipation2. At the same time, osmotic (and laxative) effect ensures by the lactitol fermentation products by intestinal bacterias — short chain fatty acids1, 3.

Lactitol is a prebiotic4, i.e. "feeds" bacteria that breaks down sugar, the so-called "useful" bacteria and inhibits proteolytic - "unhealthy", thus restoring the intestinal microbiome1. The useful effect of lactitol resembles the action of dietary fiber5.

Exportal can be used1:

  • in children older than 1 year;
  • pregnant and lactating (if the potential benefit to the mother outweighs the potential risk to the fetus and child);
  • in patients with diabetes;
  • in patients with liver diseases, hepatic encephalopathy, hyperammonemia;
  • in elderly patients.

Method of use1: inside during food, mixing with various drinks (water, tea, coffee, juices, etc.) or liquid food.

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