Normomed syrup fights against flu and SARS and normalizes your child’s immunity*.
That is a fact!


Normomed syrup - antiviral drug having an immune modulating action1, 1 mg of syrup contains 50 mg of Inosine pranobex.

  • Non-prescription drug
  • For adults and children over 3 years of age
  • Has pleasanttaste
How to use

  • Intended for treatment flu and SARS as part of complex therapy
  • Intended for treatment labial herpes as part of complex therapy
The antiviral effect of syrup:

  • Has a direct antiviral effect of a wide range and blocks the multiplication of many types of viruses, acting at the genetic level of the pathogen
  • Effective against flu, other SARS infections and herpes
Immune modulating action

  • Normalizes the interaction of immune cells and accelerates recovery
  • Activates macrophages, stimulates the development of lymphocytes. Helps increase the body's resistance to viral diseases2.

* Stimulates macrophage activity, lymphocyte proliferation and cytokine formation. It stimulates the healing process, improves health and resistance.

1 Bulgakova V.A. Antiviral therapy of acute respiratory infections in children // Child Health No. 2 (53), 2014, p. 78-84

2 Instructions for medical use of the Normomed No.LP - 004000