Pantocalcin®a universal nootropic medicine

  • Improves cognitive function (memory, concentration, perception, etc.)
  • Stimulates mental and physical performance with no risk of blood pressure elevation or sleep disorder
  • Combines gentle stimulation and mild sedation
  • Has an increased safety profile
  • Provides brain protection from hypoxia and toxic effects

  • Cognitive deteriorations caused by organic brain lesion and neurotic disorders.
  • As a part of comprehensive treatment of cerebrovascular insufficiency caused by cerebral atherosclerotic vascular disease, senile dementia (early stage), residual organic brain lesions in middle- and old-aged people.
  • Cerebral organic insufficiency in schizophrenia patients (combined with antipsychotics, antidepressants).
  • Extrapyramidal hyperkinesia in patients with hereditary neurological disorders (Huntington's disease, hepatolenticular degeneration, Parkinson's disease, etc.).
  • Consequences of previous neuroinfections and craniocerebral injuries (as a part of combined therapy).
  • To correct a side effect of antipsychotics and simultaneously for preventive use as add-back therapy; extrapyramidal neuroleptic syndrome (hyperkinetic and akinetic).
  • Epilepsy with mental retardation (combined with anticonvulsants).
  • Psycho-emotional stresses, mental and physical performance degradation; to improve concentration and ability to memorize.
  • Urination disorders: enuresis, diurnal enuresis, pollakiuria, urinary urgency.
  • For children with mental deficiency (mental retardation, developmental speech delay, delay in motor development, or their combination), infantile cerebral palsy, stammering (mainly of clonic type), epilepsy (as a part of combined therapy with anticonvulsants, particularly for polymorphic and minor epileptic seizures).