Multiplast® Capsicum Plaster will impart its warmth to you

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Product description

It contains natural extracts of Capsicum annuum and Atropa belladonna, Eucalyptus oil, and Dimexidum that improves penetration and enhances the effect of active substances. It is indicated for treatment of joint pain, radiculitis, neuralgia, myositis, osteochondrosis, and catarrhal diseases.

Key features:

  • safe and effective remedy for muscle and joint pain, catarrhal diseases;
  • natural formula (Capsicum annuum extract, Atropa belladonna extract, Eucalyptus oil);
  • contains a special agent (Dimexidum) to make the bandage effect stronger and faster;
  • "warms" up to 2 days;
  • easy-to-use: once a day, remaining hands and clothes clean.

Range of Multiplast® capsicum plasters:
- set No.10 (6x10 cm, perforated);
- set No.6 (10x18 cm, perforated);
- single-piece plasters 18x10 cm, perforated;
- single-piece plasters 18x10 cm, non-perforated;
- single-piece plasters 6x10 cm, non-perforated.