Phenazepam — New Generation
Evolution of the Legend, Revolution of the Form

  • 1 mg Phenazepam - orally disintegrating tablets, No.10
  • 1 mg Phenazepam - orally disintegrating tablets, No.50
  • Eliminates insomnia and its cause – anxiety1
  • To be prescribed on medication form 107/u2

Phenazepam New Generation has the following characteristics:

  • improved safety control of course therapy (provided by the new dosage form: 10-tablet (1 mg) packs)3;
  • improved subjective tolerance4;
  • the maximum drug concentration in the blood is achieved 29% faster4, allowing for an additional opportunity to select a necessary treatment regimen for a number of diseases;
  • ease of use (the drug does not need to swallowed and washed down)3.

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2Order of Russian Ministry of Health No.183n dated April 22, 2014 “On Approval of the List of Scheduled Vital and Essential Drugs for Medical Use”.

3Prescribing Information for Phenazepam (orally dispersible tablets) LP-005121 as of October 19, 2018.

4Study Report on Bioequivalence of the Regular Peroral Form of Phenazepam (1 mg) Tablets and Orally Dispersible Phenazepam (1 mg) Tablets.