"Valenta Pharm" is a Russian pharmaceutical company founded in 1997 and engaged in the development, production and market launch of high—quality prescription and over-the-counter drugs.

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Over the past 27 years, the company "Valenta Pharm" has successfully developed and marketed a number of drugs in such therapeutic areas as immunology, virology, neuropsychiatry, gastroenterology, etc.

The company's portfolio is balanced, represented by both innovative drugs and branded generics, and includes more than 70 medicines. The company's product line is represented by such well-known brands as Ingavirin ® , Grammidin ® , Trimedat ® , Teraligen ® , Phenazepam ® , Pantocalcin ® , Aminazine ® and others.

At the moment, the company produces about 100 million dosage forms of finished medicines per year in most socially significant pharmacotherapeutic groups.


among Russian pharmaceutical companies


years in the Russian pharmaceutical market

One of the largest

high-tech pharmaceutical industries in Eastern Europe

JSC "Valenta Pharm" is one of the largest high-tech pharmaceutical industries in Eastern Europe.

JSC "Valenta Pharm" is a constantly developing company and occupies one of the leading positions among Russian pharmaceutical companies.

The company "Valenta Pharm" operates in 57 cities of Russia, as well as in Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Mongolia, Armenia and Uzbekistan. The company has a representative office in Kazakhstan - "Valenta Asia".

More than 50% of medicines produced by the company "Valenta Pharm" are included in the list of vital and essential medicines (VED).

The company "Valenta Pharm" actively invests in research and development of the product portfolio, as well as in medical projects and innovations for health.

Mission and values

Our task is the development and production of high—quality innovative drugs designed for the prevention and treatment of diseases in such areas as neuropsychiatry, gastroenterology, colds and a number of others. It is important for us to provide doctors and patients with innovative tools to solve medical problems and thereby improve the quality of life of Russians.

Employees of "Valenta Pharm" make decisions every day that affect the development of the product, the team and the entire company. Such solutions are possible thanks to the values of the company, which each member of "Valenta Pharm" relies on.

These principles are based on the values of "Valenta Pharm".
Without them, innovation would be impossible

We know that an idea can change the world. Therefore, we help employees to implement them
is the result of our activity and the subject of our pride.
We set ambitious goals for ourselves. Setting high goals determines our acceleration.
Teamwork allows us to build long-term relationships, exchange experience and knowledge.
Client orientation
We guarantee doctors and patients high standards of efficacy, safety, reliability and ease of use of medicines.
We are responsible for our obligations to consumers, employees, partners, and society.

Social responsibility

We are constantly investing in developments and innovations for health.

Adherence to the highest ethical standards is a priority at all stages of our activities.

"Valenta Pharm" adheres to the following principles of social responsibility in its activities:

  • Production of high-quality products to improve the quality of life and health of people.
  • Honest, open cooperation with the medical community.
  • Creation and implementation of innovative and affordable medicines.
  • Concern for occupational safety and health of employees.
  • Investments in the human potential of the company.
  • Compliance with Russian legislation and ethical principles.
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Our partners

In Russia and in the world, the company "Valenta Pharm" works in partnership with other market participants in such a way as to ensure mutually beneficial business growth.

100 mln

packages the company sells of ready-made drugs per year in most socially significant pharmacotherapeutic groups

Partnership with distributors and suppliers

In its work with distributors and suppliers "Valenta Pharm" focuses on long-term cooperation. We adhere to the principle of an individual approach to each counterparty.

Our partners are the largest national distributors, such as CJSC "NPK Katren", CJSC "SIA International LTD", CJSC CV "Protek" and many others.

The geography of suppliers of raw materials and technologies for the production of our drugs is extensive: Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Germany, France, Switzerland, Slovenia, Russia, India, South Korea. We work only with certified manufacturers, because the quality and safety of our products is the main priority of our activity

Partnership with pharmacy chains

"Valenta Pharm" cooperates with the largest federal and regional pharmacy chains operating in all subjects of the Russian Federation. Partners of the company are such pharmacy chains as Rigla, A5 Group, Doctor Stoletov, Implosion, Pharmaimpex Group, Raduga, Melody of Health, Pharmacy Vita, Pharmacy – A.V.e and others.

Partnership in R&D

"Valenta Pharm" actively invests in R&D and product portfolio development, as well as in medical projects and innovative solutions for Russian healthcare. Research and development in the pharmaceutical market requires significant investments and the presence of a highly professional team of scientists with specialized knowledge. That is why both the structural divisions of Valenta Pharm and our partners, including Syngene, FarmVILAR, Skolkovo, Lomonosov Moscow State University, participate in replenishing the portfolio with new promising products.

We guarantee our partners the conditions for the development and prosperity of their business.


About the scientific and production complex "Valenta"

The total area of the scientific and production complex "Valenta": 19 thousand m2.

Planned production capacity of the research and production complex: 2 billion tablets and capsules and 30 million ampoules per year

The new research and production complex "Valenta", located in the city of Shchelkovo, Moscow region, is one of the largest high-tech pharmaceutical industries in Eastern Europe.

At the facilities of the research and production complex are located: a large research center, a quality control laboratory, a highly functional warehouse complex, office premises, as well as three production workshops.

The production of solid dosage forms (tablets, capsules) and injectable drugs (ampoules) will be carried out on the territory of the scientific and production complex "Valenta"; one of the sites is intended for the production of antibiotics.

The research and production complex is equipped with the most modern equipment of leading European manufacturers, such as Korsch, Bohle, Harrohoflinger, Gea, Rota, Uhlmann, Pester, etc.

Sophisticated engineering communications, high-precision equipment and modern IT solutions create a unique, maximally automated process for the production of medicines.

In addition, the project of the scientific and production complex includes the use of a computerized production management system (MES - Manufacturing Execution System) and a building management system (BMS - Building Management System).

A modern warehouse complex is equipped on the territory of the scientific and production complex of the company "Valenta Pharm", which meets the current production needs. It is designed taking into account the possibility of further development of factory facilities.

The warehouse uses the technology of high-shelf storage under the control of an automated system on the SAP EWM (SAP Extended Warehouse Management) platform.

Highly qualified employees with many years of experience work at the site of the scientific and production complex "Valenta".

Quality standards

NPK "Valenta" is a single research and production complex aimed at solving ambitious and promising tasks

The production of JSC "Valenta Pharm" fully complies with the requirements of the GMP/GDP Rules of Good Manufacturing Practice, meets all the requirements of Russian norms and standards in the field of drug production.

The production workshops are designed and executed taking into account the highest international GMP standards. At the site of the scientific and production complex, the presence of independent ventilation systems and thoughtful threading in the organization of the work of the production conveyor is realized.

The analytical laboratory of the Quality Control Department (QCC) is equipped with high-precision modern equipment from leading world manufacturers, namely: Waters, PerkinElmer, Agilent. The use of this equipment in operation makes it possible to provide support for current production, technology transfer, as well as the examination of products in order to determine compliance with the needs of the consumer - validation.