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Valenta Pharm Head Office

Address: 26/10, Ryabinovaya st., Moscow, Russia, 121471
Phone: +7(495) 933 60 80
Fax +7(495) 933 60 81
E-mail: info@valentapharm.com


Production Facility of ValentaPharm

Address: 2, Fabrichnaya st., Schyolkovo, Moscow region, Russia, 141108 (please pay attention, the entrance to the facility is through Sovetskaya Street)
Phone: +7(495) 933 48 60
Fax +7(495) 933 48 63
E-mail: info@valentapharm.com

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Valenta Pharm is responsible for the quality of output product both on investigational and development stage, as well as in marketing phase.

If you or your acquaintances had experienced unexpected adverse event while our medicine intake or you would like to make a claim for Valenta's medicine, please contact us via e-mail: pharmakonadzor@valentapharm.com


For job-seekers

Please refer your CV to: cv@valentapharm.com.


Mass media relations

If you are a mass media representative, please contact us via e-mail: pr@valentapharm.com.

Production Facility of ValentaPharm

Fabrichnaya st., 2, Schyolkovo, Moscow region, Russia, 141101

Location map

Valenta Pharm

Ryabinovaya st., 26/10, Moscow, Russia, 121471