Development of innovations and creation of new effective medicines

  • Research areas
  • Stages of research
  • Innovations  for health
  • Pharmaceutical developments
  • Partnership in R&D
  • Research and  ethics issues

Research areas

The company "Valenta Pharm" considers the development of innovations and the creation of new effective medicines a key priority of its activities and an integral part of an effective business strategy.

We are developing new drugs to improve the quality of life of patients, based on the main criterion — proven high clinical efficacy with minimal risk of side effects.

We actively invest in R&D and product portfolio development, as well as in medical projects and innovations for health.

  • We carefully analyze the needs of domestic healthcare and strive to find innovative solutions to meet them.
  • We focus on those developments that will benefit as many patients as possible and will become an incentive for the development of our business.
  • The company conducts scientific research in such therapeutic areas as anti-cold therapy, neuropsychiatry, gastroenterology, antibacterial therapy and others.

Stages of research

One of the main tasks of the company "Valenta Pharm" is the search for innovative developments that meet our strict ethical principles. We review and invest in products both at the early and very late stages of research.

Preclinical research

Taking care of people's health is the main task of the company. Prior to the introduction of the drug into clinical practice, we carefully study the safety and therapeutic efficacy of the drug.

Preclinical research is one of the fundamental elements of our R&D activities. In the process of conducting preclinical research, we strictly observe ethical principles and norms.

Clinical trials

"Valenta Pharm" conducts clinical research in key therapeutic areas for the company. In the process of testing at different phases, the safety and effectiveness of the drug is studied.

New drugs are being developed through a series of controlled clinical trials, in which their safety and effectiveness are evaluated taking into account the highest scientific standards.

We strive to achieve a high therapeutic effect from the use of a particular drug with minimal risk of side effects. All studies are conducted in accordance with Good Clinical Practice (ICH-GCP).

Innovations for health

Over the years, Valenta Pharm has accumulated unique expertise and experience in solving medical problems in such therapeutic areas as anti-cold therapy, neuropsychiatry, gastroenterology, antibacterial therapy. That is why these areas have become key for the development of innovations in the company.

We are well aware that any business can be as good as it is useful to people. We find out the actual needs of doctors and patients in the treatment of diseases and strive to offer our original solutions.


In order for our drugs to improve the quality of life of Russian patients, we, first of all, prioritize research and development based on proven knowledge and identified needs of patients, and then develop and offer an integrated approach, including interaction with doctors and partners in order to improve patient treatment outcomes.

In accordance with the best international practices, we are developing tools that allow doctors to uniquely identify a particular medical problem in a patient and significantly improve the results of patient treatment. In addition, we strive to create a portfolio of products that will provide doctors with innovative solutions in the treatment of a particular disease.

Pharmaceutical developments

Having considerable experience in the creation of original drugs, we are able to bring to market products that meet the primary needs of our patients.

The divisions of the company "Valenta Pharm" carry out a full cycle of work: from the development of high-potential original and innovative drugs, preclinical and clinical studies and ending with the production and market launch of high-quality drugs.

The main tasks of the company's departments responsible for development are to identify the needs of the healthcare system and patients, improve the quality of medical care, develop medical strategies for the company's products, draw up plans for the development of the life cycle of products and ensure the quality of research.

Partnership in R&D

One of the strategic objectives of the company "Valenta Pharm" is the continuous development of the product portfolio. The creation of new drugs is a complex process, and we strive to make it the most effective. Research and development in the pharmaceutical market requires significant investments, as well as the presence of a highly professional team of scientists and specialists with the necessary knowledge. That is why both the structural divisions of the company "Valenta Pharm" and leading foreign developers from Europe and Asia participate in replenishing the portfolio with new promising products, where the creation of new products of the company is carried out in accordance with international quality standards for the development and production of medicines.

The company actively invests in R&D and product portfolio development, as well as in medical projects and innovative solutions for Russian healthcare. At all stages of product development, we are constantly looking for opportunities for mutually beneficial business partnership. We cooperate with Russian and foreign organizations that are distinguished by professionalism and extensive expertise in the field of research and development. Together we are working on the creation of innovative drugs, effective product delivery systems and technological solutions.

The invariable rule of our work is honesty and fairness towards all our partners. We strive to share our knowledge and resources to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of collaboration.

Research and ethics issues

"Valenta Pharm" is a company for which research activity is one of the key priorities in its work. We are aware of our responsibility to comply with good ethical practices. The company conducts all research in accordance with the requirements of Russian legislation. Prior to the introduction of the product into everyday clinical practice, we ensure that it is thoroughly tested and appropriate evidence is obtained about its effectiveness, reliability and safety for human health.