About Research & Production Facility

The new Research & Production Facility of ValentaPharm located in the city of Schelkovo, Moscow Oblast, is one of the largest high-tech pharmaceutical production facilities in Eastern Europe.

The following production facilities are located at the new Research & Production Facility: a large research center, quality control laboratory, highly functional warehouse complex, office premises and three production workshops. The Research & Production Facility will produce solid dosage forms (pills and capsules) and injectable medicines (ampoule); one of the areas is intended for the production of antibiotics.

The Research & Production Facility is equipped with the most advanced devices produced by leading European manufacturers, such as Korsch, Bohle, Harrohoflinger, Gea, Rota, Uhlmann, Pester, etc.

Complex utility systems, high precision equipment and advanced IT solutions create a unique and fully automated pharmaceutical production process.

In addition, the Research & Production Facility project includes the use of a computer assisted manufacturing execution system (MES - Мanufacturing Execution System) and building management system (BMS - Building Management System).

The new ValentaPharm Research & Production Facility is equipped with a modern warehouse complex, which meets the requirements of the production, and is designed with the possibility of further development of the production capacities.

The high-rack storage technology under control of the automated system based on SAP EWM (SAP Extended Warehouse Management) is applied in warehousing facilities.

The new ValentaPharm Research & Production Facility has employed highly-skilled workers with years of experience.


Total facility area: 19 thousand sq. m

Planned production capacity:100 million packages per year.