Krokha Lab — natural care for babies

Krokha is cosmetic pediatric line of safe skin and hair care products for babies containing herbs, pure natural oils and medical herb extracts.

Russian pediatricians recommend Krokha even for babies with sensitive skin 1, as every Krokha product is carefully tested for hypoallergenicity, successfully passes clinical trials, and causes neither irritation nor allergic reactions.

Its’ pure vegetable oils and healthy power of valuable botanical extracts guarantee natural and delicate care for tender baby skin. Natural ingredients take delicate care of baby skin and protect it against negative environmental impacts. Such care maintains the natural balance of baby skin, gently cares for it, and ensures healthy and harmonious development of the baby.

Krokha cosmetic pediatric products is natural and safe product line consisting of only botanical components and free of any harmful chemicals to help you take care of your baby from its birth.

Krokha Products

Krokha Baby Cream with Pine Nut Oil, 50 ml

This product is made of high-quality vegetable and kernel oils that soften and nourish baby skin and are characterized by high antioxidant activity. The cream relieves reddening and irritation and is effective for diaper rash. The product does not contain any flavoring or coloring agents, which makes it suitable for the most sensitive skin.

The product contains 100% natural components: olive oil, chamomile extract, bur-marigold extract, raisin-seed oil, pine oil, and pine nut oil.


Krokha Everyday Baby Cream with Panthenol, 75 ml

This light cream based on specially selected natural and botanical components is ideally suitable for everyday care for babies with sensitive skin. The cream has a delicate texture, is quickly absorbed, and leaves no oily sheen.

The product contains 100% natural components: olive oil, coconut oil, vitamin E, and pine nut oil.


Krokha Baby Bathing Shampoo, 200 ml

This delicate baby shampoo was developed specially for gentle care for baby hair and skin from its birth. A special soft formula of this shampoo based on natural and botanical components makes it ideal for everyday use. The shampoo lathers excellently and does not make baby eyes achy, which makes bathing a genuine pleasure for your baby.

The product contains 100% natural chamomile and wheat extracts. The chamomile extract has a softening and soothing effect on tender baby skin, while the wheat extract actively protects baby hair and skin against the drying effect of hard water and prevents exfoliation.


Krokha Baby Care and Massage Oil with Vitamin E, 200 ml

This natural pediatric care and massage oil is excellently absorbed into baby skin leaving no oily film. The oil actively nourishes, softens and moisturizes baby skin, and protects it against overdrying. The product relieves reddening in the diaper rash areas. A special formula of this oil is additionally enriched with vitamins E and C to ensure the most effective protection of baby skin against irritating external factors.

The oil is ideal for massage, everyday care, application after bathing, or during diaper change.

The product contains 100% natural components: sunflower oil, olive oil, natural vitamin E, and pine nut oil.


Baby Wet Wipes Krokha with Panthenol, 15 pieces and 72 pieces

These extremely delicate wet baby care wipes contain a special lotion based on natural and botanical ingredients. These wipes made of a special soft material delicately and gently cleanse sensitive baby skin and effectively prevent irritation and diaper rash.

The product contains oat milk that takes care of tender baby skin, softens it, and creates a reliable protective barrier. Aloe juice moisturizes and soothes baby skin.

These baby wipes are indispensable at home, during a walk or diaper change, when on a visit or at your polyclinic.