Healthy eating unlimited

Healthy eating unlimited


Valenta Pharm would like to inform healthcare professionals and patients that Orlix®№10 (biologically active additive) is now available in pharmacies.

The basis of Orlix is a natural alpha-galactosidase enzyme, which in a timely manner produces the process of splitting “problem” oligosaccharides and helps prevent bloating1.

Since December 2018, Orlix® has been approved for use by kids from three years2.

Irina Glazkova, Product Manager, Gastroenterology Business Unit, Valenta Pharm JSC:“For the digestive system to work properly, human dietary fiber must be present, which is contained in plant-based foods and forms the basis of a healthy diet. Sometimes, when eating foods rich in beneficial fiber, there are unpleasant side effects, such as bloating. Alpha-galactosidase (part of Orlix® dietary supplement) is a solution to the problem of excessive gas formation when eating foods that cause flatulence. Don’t deny yourself in your favorite foods and limit the usual diet”.

More information on the website:

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  • 2 State registration certificate: RU. E.005720.12.18 of 21.12.2018.