A new drug in Valenta Farm portfolio

A new drug in Valenta Farm portfolio


The Russian pharmaceutical company Valenta Farm has expanded its portfolio with dual mechanism of action product, Hypoxen(Гипоксен®).

Hypoxen(Гипоксен®) is a unique antihypoxant, which is used for all types of hypoxia, has a wide range of indications for use. The drug belongs to the class of drugs that reduce oxygen consumption and increase the body's performance in cases of increased physical and emotional stress, in extreme situations associated with the course of various diseases, the provision of emergency medical care, as a means to adapt to difficult climatic conditions1.

The drug has an antihypoxic effect by increasing the efficiency of tissue respiration under hypoxic conditions, especially in organs with a high metabolic rate (brain, cardiac muscle, liver)1.

Alexey Rogov, Head of the Psychoneurology Business Unit at Valenta Farm: “The problem of oxygen deficiency in cells is particularly acute for residents of big cities and large industrial centers. A high rate of life, increased mental and physical exertion often lead to a lack of oxygen in the cells, and, as a result, to fatigue and a feeling of chronic fatigue. Now we are pleased that we can make the Hypoxen(Гипоксен®) antihypoxant available to most people, which will allow the body to adapt more easily and quickly to increased stress”.

  • 1 Instructions for medical use of the drug Hypoxen(Гипоксен®).