Valenta Pharm expands its portfolio of gastroenterological preparations

Valenta Pharm expands its portfolio of gastroenterological preparations


Valenta Pharm brings to Russian pharmaceutical market a new product for support an optimal balance of microbiome intestines - combined probiotic Florasan® - D1.

The new complex includes 4 billion living, specially selected strains of bifido-and lactobacterium. This combination enables it to support a balance in microbiome intestines and has a number of benefit effects.A patented enteric capsule DRCapstm of Florasan® - D protect strains itself from acidic fluid and relieve bacterium in the maximally comfortable areas for settlement and division.

Now, Florasan® - D – is the only probiotic complex, whose bacterial composition is approved by the Russian Gastroenterological Association (RGA) and added to recommendations in the therapy of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), chronic gastritis and for сlostridial infection, which can be severe complication due to the use of antibiotics2. The preparation is allowed for children from 5 years.

This is a unique product for Russia. Scientists, taking into account the features of the microbiome of Russians and food habits, created it.

Chief gastroenterologist of the Ministry of Health of Russia, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, President of the interregional public organization "Scientific community for the clinical study of human microbiome", Vladimir Trofimovich Ivashkin: “Today we know a lot about the effect of intestinal microbiome on various aspects of a person’s physical and mental health. Florasan® - D - is the result of the embodiment of unique developments by Russian scientists. Today he embodies the advanced achievements of our medicine. Сorrection of the composition of the intestinal microbiome has great potential in the treatment and prevention of serious and socially significant diseases, I am sure”.

Vladimir Alisov, product group manager of the gastroenterology business unit: “We are glad to inform you that a professional product is available today for Russian doctors and patients for an integrated approach to the correction of gastrointestinal tract malfunctions. Florasan® - D is created by leading Russian gastroenterologists, taking into account the nutritional characteristics and microbiome of the inhabitants of Russia. It consists of specially selected and well-studied bacterial strains specially selected during research, and the enteric capsule created using the DRCapstm technology, that allows to protect bacteria and ensure their delivery to the intestine. All this in combination contributes to the normalization of microbiological processes in the digestive tract and the improvement of vital functions for a number of indicators. As they say, for active longevity tomorrow, it is necessary to maintain your microbiome today.”

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