Valenta Pharm launches an antihistamine that has no analogues in Russia

Valenta Pharm launches an antihistamine that has no analogues in Russia


Valenta Pharm reports the launch of an innovative antihistamine medicine, Teoritin on the Russian market. This medicine is the first antihistamine in the new business direction of the pharmaceutical company.

This medicine is unique due to its dual molecule and its amplified mechanism of antihistamine and anti-inflammatory action.

Teoritin belongs to the pharmacotherapeutic group of anti-allergy medicines blocking the activity of Histamine H1 receptor. The medicine is indicated for the treatment of seasonal allergic rhinitis and chronic idiopathic urticaria1.

Valenta Pharm's new product surpasses previous generation medicines in terms of effect and duration of its antihistamine action. Teoritin has pronounced anti-exudative (reduces the swelling in the inflammation) and antipruritic effects, it has no sedative property and it does not affect the speed of psychomotor responses1.

Julia Dvornikova, “ARVI medicines” Business Unit Director, Valenta Pharm: “Offer only what the patient really needs, or lose. That is the motto of modern pharmaceutical marketing. We know exactly what patients with allergies need – they want to live their lives to the fullest, even during the seasonal allergy aggravation. Antihistamines are a completely new direction for Valenta Pharm, which starts with the launch of Teoritin. I am sure that Teoritin will help consumers to improve the quality of life and will join the list of successful brands of our company”.

The medicine is available on prescription

  • 1 Instructions for medical use of the Teoritin MF