Valenta Pharm expands the Teraligen brand line

Valenta Pharm expands the Teraligen brand line


A prolonged dosage form of the medicine already proven itself in the treatment of autonomic disorders is now available In Russian pharmacies

Valenta Pharm announces the first batch of a new new dosage form of Teraligen - Teraligen retard. It has a number of advantages that increase patient's compliance to therapy through comfortable use of the medicine, especially when the patient takes other medicines at the same time1.

One tablet of the new pharmaceutical form is equivalent to three or four traditional 5mg pills in terms of its effect over time, which reduces the frequency of taking the medicine1. Prolonged form of Teraligen provides a more effective therapy by the medicine already known in practice, at a lower cost per day.

Alexei Rogov, «Diseases of the nervous system and musculoskeletal system» Business Unit Director: “Valenta Pharm is an innovative company that brings new medicines to the Russian market. But we do not forget about our mature medicines, which have gained confidence among doctors and patients. Teraligen also belongs to such original products of the company. Over the past two years, the brand has expanded to three medicinal forms each of them has improved consumer characteristics. Teraligen retard is unique due to its prolonged action, which makes the medicine regimen more comfortable and increases the effectiveness of therapy by reducing the medicine load on the patient's body. We are looking forward to seeing our new product appear on the shelves of Russian pharmacies".

Teraligen (alimemazine) has been effective for over 10 years in the treatment of autonomic somatic, anxiety-depressive,1 behavioral disorders, in the management of stress, emotional stress, anxiety, phobias of various origins, both for adults and children over 7 years old. According to some indications, the medicine can be used by patients even from the age of 3. Due to its reliability and low risk of inter-medicine interactions during therapy, Teraligen is widely used in neurological and psychiatric practice.

The medicine is available on prescription only.

  • 1 Instructions for medical application of the Teraligen retard medicine.