Valenta Announced the Start of All-Russia Observational Non-Interventional Trial for Urologists

Valenta Announced the Start of All-Russia Observational Non-Interventional Trial for Urologists


Starting from September 2014, OAO «Valenta Pharm», with the support of the Russian Society of Urology (ROU), has been carrying out the All-Russia observational non-interventional research «Assessment of Patients’ Satisfaction with Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction against the Background of by Zidane® Therapy» with participation of 300 doctors from clinical centers of the Russian Federation and 3,000 patients. The program will proceed for 6 months, including the first 2 weeks to select patients. The study was approved by the Independent Interdisciplinary Committee on Ethical Review for Clinical Studies.

The purpose of this non-interventional study is to assess the effectiveness of treatment of patients suffering from erectile dysfunction. Within the program, Valenta developed for urologists the tools to assess the level of patients’ satisfaction with the offered treatment — «Man’s Sexual Health Questionnaire» and «Questionnaire to Assess the Patient’s Satisfaction with Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction». These forms will help the doctor to make qualitative diagnostics of the patient’s problems and consequently to choose the optimal scheme of further therapy.

Ekaterina Zakharova, Medical Director, OAO «Valenta Pharm»: "On the basis of the exact and structured questionnaires, the observational program enables urologists to assess the patient’s satisfaction with treatment and, if necessary, to correct the scheme of therapy. We believe that the research will help doctors to increase quality and reliability of the disease diagnostics, to streamline the approach to treatment of patients suffering from erectile dysfunction, and certainly to improve the patient’s life quality.

The results of the program will be announced and presented at scientific conferences of federal and regional levels.