New TV Commercial about Grammidin, Medicine for Pain in the Throat, on Air

New TV Commercial about Grammidin, Medicine for Pain in the Throat, on Air


Meet: A new commercial TV-spot about Grammidin®, medicine for pain in the throat, was broadcast in early November 2014

A new bright commercial about Grammidin® is a result of Valenta’s teamwork with MORE creative agency, new INSTINCT division.

The TV-spot pictures a situation that everybody has faced: when your throat hurts, any meal, even the tastiest and nicest, at swallowing feels like glass shatters and makes your throat hurt unbearably. In slow motion we see a pear, a sandwich and a fruitcake one by one falling down and breaking into many sharp fragments.

In the demo-part, the pain in the throat is featured as a 3D polymodel made of polygons with red impulses, which disappear when a tablet of Grammidin® is shown.

According to Yaroslav Orlov, Executive Creative Director, INSTINCT&MORE: «The greatest challenge was to walk along a thin line between the reality and the metaphor, between people’s habitual perception and aspiration to offer them an image they have never seen. We hope that we have succeeded.»

Alexander Machin, Director for ОТС/ОТХ Portfolio Promotion, OAO «Valenta Pharm»: «We believe that we enter a new stage in the development of Grammidin® brand. Owing to the bright, eye-catching communication we hope to draw attention of many consumers to this effective and safe medicine for acute pain in the throat.»