Valenta Summed up the Study in the Sphere of Respiratory Diseases

Valenta Summed up the Study in the Sphere of Respiratory Diseases


Valenta presented the results of its «Assessment of the current practice of Grammidin for children in tablets to dissolve, applied to treat children of the age of 4-9 with a symptom of pain in the throat in case of infectious and inflammatory throat diseases» non-interventional observational study program. The study was carried out on the basis of the Department of Otorhinolaryngology of Pediatric Faculty of Pirogov SBEI HPE RNRMU at the RF Ministry of Health, with the coordination support of M.R. Bogomilsky, Corresponding Member of the RAMS, D.M.Sci, Professor, Head of the Department of HENT Diseases Clinic of Pediatrics Faculty of Pirogov RNRMU, and E.Y.Radzig, D.M.Sci., Professor at the Department of Otorhinolaryngology of Pediatrics Faculty of Pirogov RNRMU.

Within the program, the practice of Grammidin for children application in patients with clinically diagnosed infectious and inflammatory throat diseases (acute pharyngitis, exacerbation of chronic pharyngitis) was studied.

The results confirmed that Grammidin for children removed the symptoms of pharyngeal paresthesia, pain in the throat and acute inflammation revealed by means of pharyngoscopy. Grammidin for children promoted removal of symptoms of infectious and inflammatory diseases in children, primarily of pain in the throat, from the first days of application. Disappearance of all assessed symptoms of acute inflammation, according to pharyngoscopy performed on the 4-5th and 7-8th days from the start of treatment, was registered in more than 14% and 90% of patients, accordingly. Besides, Grammidin for children promoted body temperature decrease and removal of the first symptoms of inflammation. The medicine was well tolerated within the studied age group; no recurrence of the disease clinical displays was registered in the consequent days of observation.

Elena Yuryevna Radzig, D.M.Sci., Professor at the Department of Otorhinolaryngology of Pediatrics Faculty of Pirogov RNRMU: «Pain in the throat is one of the symptoms most often disturbing patients with respiratory diseases. Doctors note that the intensity of the pain in the throat can vary from a slight tickling to intolerable painful sensations. Generally, adults face this problem not rarer than 2-3 times a year, while children get sick a little bit oftener. Such a high occurrence and risk of complications require fast, effective and simultaneously safe treatment for inflammatory throat pathology (pharyngitis/tonsillitis) developed against the background of ARVI. The aforesaid confirms the urgency and necessity to increase the efficiency of treating patients, especially children suffering from diseases accompanied with „pain in the throat“ symptom.»

Thus, Grammidin for children is recommended to apply in a wide-range medical practice for pediatric patients with infectious and inflammatory throat diseases, including the ones that develop against the background of ARVI.

Alexander Machin, the Head of Directorate for ОТС/ОТХ Portfolio Promotion, OAO «Valenta Pharm»: «Pain in the throat in children is one of the most frequent reasons of visiting pediatricians and otorhinolaryngologists. Up to 80% of acute chronic respiratory diseases and their complications are accompanied by this symptom, which confirms the urgency of the problem of early diagnostics and treatment for pain in the throat in children. The results of the monitoring program demonstrate that Grammidin for children essentially expands the range of opportunities of rational pharmacotherapy application to treat children of the monitored age group for infectious and inflammatory throat diseases.»