Valenta Announced the Start of the Observational Program «7×7» for Gastroenterologists

Valenta Announced the Start of the Observational Program «7×7» for Gastroenterologists


Valenta launched a multicentral non-interventional observational program aimed at trial and introduction into clinical practice of Questionnaire «7×7» («7 symptoms for 7 days») for dynamic assessment of symptoms of functional dyspepsia and irritable bowel syndrome

From June 2015, Valenta has been carrying out multicentral non-interventional observational program «7×7», which will engage 40 gastroenterologists and more than 500 patients. The purpose of the research includes studying the epidemiology of GI AF/SFA and therapeutic approaches to correction of the main symptoms of diseases in clinical practice. This observational program was approved by the Independent Interdisciplinary Committee for Ethical Review of Clinical Studies.

On June 6, the starting visiting meeting on the study was held in Baku. E.A. Poluektova, C.M.Sci., Professor, Doctor at the Clinic of Propaedeutics of Internal Diseases at the Medical Faculty of Sechenov MSMU, carried out the training on modern diagnostics and treatment for functional dyspepsia (FD) and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) within the meeting, and Valenta representatives with the support of the Russian Gastroenterology Association presented a new version of the questionnaire for dynamic assessment of symptoms PD and/or IBS — in the form of «7×7». The questionnaire assesses the occurrence and severity of seven major symptoms of functional gastrointestinal disorders for the last 7 days before the visit to the doctor to reveal the objective dynamics in the process of treatment.

Questionnaire «7×7» is based on algorithms given in Rome criteria 3rd revision. Work on the questionnaire was completed by fall 2014, when the questionnaire was tested, revised and supplemented. The questionnaire new version will be finally tested within the non-interventional multicenter observational program «7×7», which is the first stage of the questionnaire implementation in routine clinical practice. It is planned that the questionnaire assessment will take about 3 months, and the results will be announced within «School of Gastro Diseases — 2015».

On July 2, 2015, «New horizons in the study of combined gastrointestinal functional disorders» teleconference was held. During the event, Ekaterina Zakharova, Valenta’s Medical Director, presented its report «Start of multicenter non-interventional observational program «7×7». She told about the start of the company’s new observational program and its future stages of implementation. The conference attracted a wide audience of healthcare professionals from Russia and the CIS.

Ekaterina Zakharova, Medical Director, OAO «Valenta Pharm»: «Our Company strives to improve the quality of medical care through the development and introduction of new diagnostic and therapeutic technologies in the Russian Federation. We believe that introduction of the questionnaire for patients «7 symptoms within 7 days» in the routine practice of gastroenterologists engaged in primary healthcare will help to objectify the dynamics of symptoms of functional gastrointestinal diseases and to improve their treatment. The simple principle of assessment results from the doctor to quickly and reasonably decide to completion, continuation or modification of therapy, without changing the amount of time provided for the usual outpatient reception hours.