Valenta Explains to Women how to Make Oral Contraception Safer

Valenta Explains to Women how to Make Oral Contraception Safer


”The only beauty I know is health”

Heinrich Heine, German poet, publicist and critic

More than 100 million women of the world use hormonal contraception 1. The World Health Organization (WHO) considers the prevalence of hormonal contraception to be of great importance for all of us. The development of hormonal contraception in medicine was not less important, than those of vaccination and antibiotics. In Russia, more than 20% of women use oral contraceptives in different periods of their reproductive age 2.

However, besides curative properties and protection from undesirable pregnancy, contraception features some unpleasant side effects, which often scare women and compel them to refuse from contraception. According to statistics, 29% of women stopped taking oral contraceptives (ОC) because of side effects 3. For instance, vitamin deficiency can develop as a result of OC long-term using. Shortage of important elements affects not only the quality of life, but also the general condition of woman’s health.

Developed by Valenta vitamin and mineral complex (VMC) Lavita® helps to make up a deficiency of vitamins, folates and nutrients in women, who use oral contraception. This is a unique VMC, which includes “long-term taking oral contraceptives” in its list of indications 4. It can also be applied for special diets and during the periods of intensive intellectual or physical activities.

In March 2016, Valenta launched the site dedicated to this medicine: Here women can get information about the reasons of vitamins loss, ways of nutrient replenishment by means of VMC and necessity to take VMC at long-term use of oral contraceptives.

Lavita® makes oral contraception safer, improves skin and hair condition, and helps each woman to enjoy health!

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