Valenta Cares to Provide a Safe Level of Vitamins to Pregnant Women

Valenta Cares to Provide a Safe Level of Vitamins to Pregnant Women


During the period of pregnancy, it is important to remember that there is already an individual inside you – even tiny, your baby is able to feel and understand. A pregnant woman needs to think and care about two persons – herself and her baby. Medicines she uses should be effective for the mom and safe for her baby.

At the International Meeting for Autism Research (IMFAR) held in May in Baltimore (USA), scientists from Johns Hopkins University displayed the results of their research, which showed that if the level of folic acid in a woman’s organism exceeded 59 mmol/l and that of В12 exceeded 600 mmol/l, the risk of development of autism in her baby increased more than 17 times 1.

Data obtained by the researchers confirm the necessity of maintaining by a pregnant woman of a safe level of vitamins in her organism. According to Supplement No.5 to the Order about rendering medical aid in obstetrics and gynecology (except for use of additional reproductive technologies), approved by the Order of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation dated November 1, 2012, No.572n, in cases of physiologically normal course of pregnancy, folic acid should be prescribed to patients during the whole first trimester of pregnancy, but in a dosage of not more than 400 mcg/day 2.

Valenta cares about women’s health and offers doctors and patients a line of special medicines for pregnant and breastfeeding women – “9 months”. Within the “9 months” line, Valenta offers a mono-medicine of folic acid (Folic Acid. 9 months) in a dosage safe for a pregnant woman – 400 mcg in a tablet easy to take 1 time a day. A tablet contains the amount of folic acid necessary for the future mom and safe for her baby.

Elena Naidenova, Head of “Gastroenterology, Women&Men Health” Business Unit, JSC “Valenta Pharm”: “Drugstores offer a wide choice of medicines containing folic acid; however not all of those medicines suppose a dosage useful for future moms. Our medicine of “9 months” line contains 400 mcg of highly purified folic acid in 1 tablet, which is sufficient to satisfy the pregnant woman’s daily physiological need of folic acid and is safe for her baby.”

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