Ingavirin® - yearly dynamics

Ingavirin® - yearly dynamics


Valenta’s Ingavirin® receives Platinum Ounce award in Vector of The Year nomination, Dynamics of the Year sub-nomination.

April 20, 2017 – Winners of the All-Russian open competition among pharmaceutical industry professionals Platinum Ounce 2016 were announced. Valenta’s Ingavirin® became the winner in the Vector of the Year nomination, Dynamics of the Year sub-nomination.

According to the DSM Group analytical agency’s audit results, Valenta’s drug Ingavirin® became the leader among antiviral medications for cold and flu treatment and prophylaxis in total worth of sales in Russian pharmacies in 2016 – compared to 2015, its sales went up by 68%.

Aleksandr Machin, Sales and Marketing Director at Valenta Pharm: ”It is the fourth Platinum Ounce for Ingavirin® – it means that pharmaceutical industry professionals have considered our drug to be the best for four consecutive years. Valenta actively invests in the development, production and market launch of new effective and safe cold and flu medications. We pride in the achieved results and will not rest on our laurels.”