Valenta expands portfolio in gastroenterology

Valenta expands portfolio in gastroenterology


Company acquires rights for Antareit® in Russia

Valenta continues to expand its portfolio of high-potential medications – in April 2017 Antareit® joined the list.

Antareit® is a modern antacid, and a combination drug aimed at solving frequent problems like heartburn, dyspepsia, flatulence. It belongs to the group of non-absorbable antacids due to the presence of magaldrate (aluminum magnesium hydroxide sulfate) and has an additional antiflatulent effect (removes excessive gas) due to the presence of simethicone.

Elena Naydenova, Head of Business Department “Gastroenterology. Men’s and Women’s Health” at Valenta Pharm: “Gastroenterology is one of Valenta’s leading therapeutic fields. Every day a vast number of people face gastrointestinal tract disorders. As a socially responsible company, we do everything we can to provide patients with the medications that will improve their quality of life.”