New Exportal® Package Design

New Exportal® Package Design


Valenta Pharm informs patients, partners and healthcare professionals about changes in its Exportal® package design.

The new package design is aimed at focusing consumers’ attention on the key features of this medicine, its laxative action and the effect of intestinal microflora restoration. The renewed product package has become more expressive, up-to-date and relevant. Its additional green-and-blue graphic elements reflect lightness and serenity.

The pediatric Exportal® package has been renewed as well. The image of a teddy bear will switch the child’s attention to a beautiful picture, while the product’s pleasant taste and ease of intake will make it as simple to use as possible.

Exportal® (lactitol) is an up-to-date osmotic laxative. The product contains no additives or coloring agents and has an improved prebiotic effect. The key benefit of this product is its complex action: Exportal® simultaneously normalizes one’s stool (physiological bowel habits) and restores the intestinal microflora. Lactitol, the active pharmaceutical ingredient of Exportal®, has no impact on blood glucose; therefore the product can be used in diabetes mellitus patients.

Exportal® is to be taken by adults and children (aged 1+ year old) once a day, with food.