Valenta Pharm Takes Part in 16th Russian Congress on Innovative Technologies in Pediatrics and Pediatric Surgery

Valenta Pharm Takes Part in 16th Russian Congress on Innovative Technologies in Pediatrics and Pediatric Surgery


On October 24-26, Moscow hosted the 16th Russian Congress on Innovative Technologies in Pediatrics and Pediatric Surgery. The scientific agenda of the Congress included numerous sessions where the participants discussed the most recent scientific achievements in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of the most common pediatric diseases. Valenta Pharm, whose product portfolio contains gastroenterologic medicines among others, was one of the general sponsors of this Congress.

Within the 4th session devoted to the Society of Pediatric Gastroenterologists, Hepatologists and Nutritionists, Valenta Pharm organized a scientific symposium on Microbiom Disorders and Functional GI Pathology in Children: Topical Issues of Everyday Practice. Doctor of Medical Sciences, Honored Physician of the Russian Federation I.N. Zakharova; Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor A.I. Khavkin; Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor at the Department of Hospital Pediatrics No.2 at the Faculty of Pediatrics at N.I. Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University (RNRMU) S.V. Belmer delivered their speeches at the symposium. The symposium participants discussed one of the most topical issues in gastroenterology: microbiom disorders and functional GI pathology in children: topical issues of everyday practice.

Functional disorders (FDs) of the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) still hold the leading position among digestive system diseases in children. Moreover, the incidence of these disorders increases significantly by the period of hormonal changes in adolescence. The distinctive feature of FDs is the emergence of clinical symptoms without any organic changes in digestive organs. Secondary changes are formed against the background of motility disorders, first of all, digestion, absorption and microbiocenosis disorders, which aggravates motility disorders and forms a vicious circle. The successful treatment of FDs consists in the detection of disorder causes and proper choice of a treatment program. Up-to-date medicines from Valenta Pharm’s gastroenterology portfolio – Exportal® (lactitol), an osmotic laxative with a prebiotic effect, and Trimedat® (trimebutine), a universal modulator of the entire GI tract motility – are able to solve the problem of FDs as part of complex therapy, with due account for the individual development mechanisms of functional disorders and pediatric patients’ peculiarities.

Ekaterina Zakharova, Medical Director, JSC Valenta Pharm: “The role of the intestinal microflora in supporting human health and intestinal homeostatis cannot be overstated. The scientific society pays special attention to the group of substances that can stabilize the normal intestinal microflora and restore the functions of the intestinal tract in such a way. In this connection, supplementing our product portfolio with Exportal® opens new opportunities. Valenta Pharm is focused on continuous investments to increase the quality of medical care by developing and introducing new medical technologies in everyday clinical practice. In cooperation with the leading specialists in gastroenterology, we develop new approaches for the treatment of functional GI diseases in children.”