The New Record of the Russian Pharmaceutical Company Valenta Pharm’s Product

The New Record of the Russian Pharmaceutical Company Valenta Pharm’s Product


Accordinging to the results of 2017, the sales volume of Trimedat®, included in Valenta Pharm’s gastroenterology portfolio, exceeded 1 billion rubles in physical and monetary terms1.

The medicine helps to restore the disturbed rhythm of digestion, eliminate disruptions in the digestive system, and along with them, the causes of pain and discomfort in the stomach2.

“Trimedat® helps to eliminate such common symptoms as abdominal bloating or heaviness, pain, colic, spasms, flatulence, an altered pattern of bowel activity. These properties ensured a wide recognition of the drug: according to the results of doctors' online voting in 2015-2017, it was recognized as the “The medicine of choice among antispasmodics”. In 2016, it was included in the clinical guidelines of the Russian Gastroenterological Association to diagnose and treat irritable bowel syndrome, abdominal pain, functional dyspepsia and cholelithiasis. The significant growth rate of Trimedat® confirms the high degree of doctors’ and patients’ trust towards the drug”, said Vladimir Alisov, Group Product Manager of the Gastroenterology business unit of Valenta Pharm JSC.

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