A medicinal Product from Gastro Portfolio of Valenta Pharm is the Sales Leader in Monetary Terms

A medicinal Product from Gastro Portfolio of Valenta Pharm is the Sales Leader in Monetary Terms


In January 2018 the universal gastrointestinal motility regulator Trimedat® ranked first in monetary terms on the market of spasmolytics and prokinetics1.

Trimedat® helps to restore irregular digestive rhythm, eliminate such symptoms as abdominal distension or heaviness, pain, colic, spasms, flatulence, altered patterns of bowel activity and causes of abdominal pain and discomfort along with them2.

In 2016, Trimedat® was included in the Clinical Practical Guidelines of the Russian Gastroenterological Association for Diagnosis and Treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Abdominal Pain, Functional Dyspepsia and Cholelithiasis.

In 2017, Trimedat®, for the second time in a row, entered the TOP-3 list of the best spasmolytic drugs according to the doctors’ opinion and won the prize of the Russian Pharma Awards.

Olga Mikhailova, Head of the Gastroenterology business unit of Valenta Pharm JSC: “The company’s gastroenterological portfolio is balanced with high-performance drugs that enjoy the confidence of the medical community and patients. The natural success of Trimedat® is due to its high level of recognition by gastroenterologists, therapists and pediatricians; it is based on the results of numerous clinical studies and the positive results of conducted surveillance programs. I am pleased to witness the success of our brand, as Trimedat® is an extremely important drug on the Russian market for effective comprehensive treatment of gastrointestinal patients. Possessing a modern, highly functional research and development center, as well as one of the best drug development teams, our company is constantly working on development of new, high potency drugs and forms. We pay a particular attention to such features important and crucial for our patients as the convenience of drug administration. So, in the coming months, we will offer Russian patients a new form of Trimedat® – Trimedat® Forte, which will promote even higher patient compliance.”

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