Valenta Pharm Presented the First Results of the SAP-based Pharmaceutical Production Digital Transformation

Valenta Pharm Presented the First Results of the SAP-based Pharmaceutical Production Digital Transformation


At SAP Forum – one of the largest business forums of the CIS countries – that took place in Moscow on April 11, Valenta Pharm presented the first results of the pharmaceutical production digital transformation.

Sergey Bykov, Information Technology Director, Valenta Pharm, in his speech outlined the applications of SAP product solutions in various operational business processes, in particular, at the large warehouse complex of the new Valenta Pharm Research & Production Facility located in the city of Shchyolkovo.

The SAP EWM technology allowed the company to apply the best world practices in a pharmaceutical company warehouse management. In particular, this solution enabled an easy and convenient management in a high-bay warehouse with 6500 pallet position, and allowed to optimize the warehouse manpower and minimize the human factor effect through the automatic monitoring and confirmation of user actions in the system, including the use of a data terminal. It’s worth noting, that the SAP EWM implementation resulted in its validation according to GхP international quality standards that imply the full control of the entire process, from production to storage and sales, thus guaranteeing the highest quality of finished products.

“Today, the pharmaceutical companies in Russia are actively engaged in digital transformation of their processes, making production and company management as fast, advanced, and safe as possible. The use of SAP solutions makes it possible to quickly improve the efficiency of internal business processes and create a base for the production of high-tech medicines,” said Aleksey Petunin, Deputy Director General, SAP CIS, Director for Work with Partners and SMEs.

“Investing in the technological re-equipment of production facilities and digital transformation of the business processes is critical for the success of any modern production. Valenta Pharm, a member of TOP-3 Russian manufacturing pharmaceutical companies that is focused on consistently high level performance, guaranteed result, and continuous ambitious development, considers the transition to a digital enterprise concept to be one of its primary objectives. We will continue to introduce innovative IT solutions and approaches to business management within the approved development strategy of the company,” declared Sergey Bykov, Information Technology Director, Valenta Pharm.

“During the project implementation, itelligence consultants with many years of experience in implementing SAP projects in the pharmaceutical industry took into account all the aspects of the upcoming GxP validation and subsequent digital transformation of all business processes. In addition to implementing the standard functionality of the SAP EWM warehouse management system, the integration with the current accounting systems as well as with the JUNGHEINRICH narrow aisle trucks management system has been performed,” commented Irina Shotova, Director General, itelligence.