How to Diagnose Behavioral Disorders in Children and Solve the Problem Effectively

How to Diagnose Behavioral Disorders in Children and Solve the Problem Effectively


The online webinar devoted to “Behavioral Disorders in Children” will be held at 05:00 PM MSK on June 20, 2018 with the support of JSC Valenta Pharm.

MD Bykova Olga, Chief Research Scientist of the Applied Research Center for Pediatric Psychoneurology of the Moscow City Health Department, will tell all the participants of the webinar specializing in pediatric neurology, psychiatry and pediatrics about the most common types of behavioral disorders in children, their causes, development mechanisms, diagnostic methods and criteria for choosing corrective therapy for behavioral disorders.

Today the problem of behavioral disorders in children and adolescents is particularly topical. Both external social factors and children’s physiological and psychological peculiarities cause behavioral disorders. It is very important to diagnose a disease until it is too late and to start treatment immediately to solve the problem in the quickest and most competent way.

You can take part in the webinar by following the link: https://clck.ru/DVoHf.

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