Participants of the Research and Practical Conference in Sochi Have Discussed the Topical Issues of Respiratory Medicine

Participants of the Research and Practical Conference in Sochi Have Discussed the Topical Issues of Respiratory Medicine


In June 2018 the research and practical conference "Topical Issues of Respiratory Medicine. A No Ties Meeting" was held in Sochi with the support of Valenta Pharm. More than 80 general physicians and pulmonologists of the Krasnodar Krai took part in the event.

The event participants have discussed a wide range of issues related to respiratory diseases prevention and treatment. The meeting was mainly focused on the ARVI and influenza treatment analysis.

Igor Vladimirovich Shubin, Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation, general physician and pulmonologist of the highest qualification category, Deputy Chief Doctor for Treatment of the Central Clinical Hospital of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Candidate of Medicine and member of the Russian Respiratory Society and the European Society, reported on the need to consider a high probability of complications associated with these diseases when choosing a treatment method. Therefore, when diagnosing influenza, the first thing to do is to focus on preventing the development of any complications.

Mr. Shubin emphasized the importance of timely treatment and underlined that any prescription of medicines should be based on the specific situation and the patient's condition.

"An innovative Russian antiviral drug Ingavirin® - acts in a unique manner, is not an interferonogene and has a wide range of antiviral applications, including influenza viruses and non-influenza respiratory infections1,2", - mentioned Igor Shubin in his speech.

The report of Igor Shubin included the findings proving the antiviral activity of the drug, reduction in the period of fever, intoxication and catarrhal symptoms, as well as significant reduction in the risk of bacterial complications from ARVI/influenza. It was noted that Ingavirin® demonstrated a high safety profile and good tolerability3,4,5.

Valenta Pharm constantly invests in the development of new innovative medicines and medical forms offering modern solutions for providing the healthcare system with tools that improve the quality of people’s life.

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