Valenta Pharm and CROC Announced First Augmented Reality Technology for Russian Pharmaceutical Market

Valenta Pharm and CROC Announced First Augmented Reality Technology for Russian Pharmaceutical Market


CROC's Virtual Reality Center Developed Augmented Reality Application for Valenta Pharm

Valenta Pharm, a Russian pharmaceutical company dedicated to the development and production of original medicines, became the first pharmaceutical company to use the augmented reality (AR) technology for a realistic visual demonstration of the innovative drugs’ modes of action. The mobile AR-application developed by the specialists of the CROC's Virtual Reality Center opens new possibilities for communication, helping to quickly and easily visualize large volumes of specialized information that may be difficult for perception.

The AR-application experience is based on an interactive scenario that allows to visualize the mode of action of Valenta Pharm’s innovative drugs from the drug’s administration to the influence it has on the affected area. In addition, CROC’s AR-application can demonstrate a high-tech process of the drug manufacturing carried out at the facilities of the new Valenta Pharm’s research and production complex in strict accordance with GMP(Good Manufacturing Practice)1standards.

The innovative AR-tool opens up new presentation opportunities for Valenta Pharm and can be used to solve a spectrum of tasks that require detailed visualization of complex data or processes. New AR-application is designed to be used by the Company’s employees during exhibitions, conferences, webinars and a number of other events.

AR-application is developed for iOS tablets and smartphones. The application is activated by pointing the camera of the mobile device at a special AR-label located on any printed or digital media. After doing that, the AR-application will offer the user a choice: demonstrate drug’s mode of action or visualize the high-tech production process of Valenta Pharm’s medicinal products.

"As one of the market leaders, we constantly invest in our development, including the digitalization of communication technologies. Our company focuses on the development and production of innovative original medicines in accordance with international standards and the requirements of ICH-GCP, GLP2, and GMP. Therefore, being able to show that our products have a unique mode of action and help improve the quality of life of patients is extremely important for us. Valenta Pharm chooses only professional and responsible partners, such as CROC," said Sergey Bykov, IT Director, Valenta Pharm.

"Having started our work on the project for Valenta Pharm, we immediately realized that the innovative nature of that company will greatly help us to uncover the full range of possibilities offered by the augmented reality technology. At the consulting stage, we proposed a fresh and highly technological way of delivering information on the company, its products and the drug manufacturing process – an AR-application. Tools of this type help to completely change the communication approach due to a deeper interaction with the content. This allows to go far beyond the traditional formats and demonstrate such processes as a complex mode of action of pharmaceutical drugs. Our cooperation with Valenta Pharm made it possible to implement the first AR-project for the Russian pharmaceutical market and show the rising demand in the latest digital technologies and the possibilities of their integration into the communication activities of high-tech companies," says Ilya Simonov, Director of CROC’s Virtual Reality Center.

  • 1 GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) is a set of guidelines that provide requirements for manufacturing process management and quality control for the manufacturers of medicinal products for medical and veterinary use.
  • 2 ICH – The International Conference on Harmonisation of Technical Requirements for Registration of Pharmaceuticals for Human Use. GCP (Good Clinical Practice) is an international standard of ethical conduct and quality of scientific research that describes the rules for the development, keeping and management of documentation and reports on studies that involve human participation (clinical studies). Compliance with this standard indicates public compliance. GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) is a system of standards, rules and guidelines aimed at ensuring consistency and integrity of the results of laboratory research.