R&D partnership

Valenta’s strategic goal is continuous product portfolio development. Medicine production is lengthy and high-cost process, thus we aspire to make it most effective. Research and development on pharmaceutical market require significant investments and availability of highly professional scientific team and specialists, possessing essential knowledge. For that very reason, in order to develop our portfolio and strengthen it with new highly potential products, Valenta engages its structural divisions along with the leading European and Asian R&D-centers, where the company’s new products are developed in compliance with GMP practices.

Valenta actively invests in R&D and products portfolio development, as well as in medical projects and innovative solutions for Russian healthcare system. We constantly look for opportunities of beneficial business co-partnership at all product development phases. We cooperate with Russian and foreign companies, that are known for their professionalism and solid experience in the area of R&D. Mutually we work upon innovative medicines development, powerful systems of products’ delivery and technology solutions.

Standing rule of our work is fairness and rightfulness towards all of our partners. We aspire to share our knowledge and resources to enhance efficiency and productivity of collaborative work.

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