Research phases

Our focus on innovations is grounded into our rigid ethical standards. We select and invest into products both on early and on the very late stages of research.

Preclinical studies

People’s wellbeing is our major goal. We carefully analyze safety and clinical efficacy of our medicines before introduction into clinical practice.

Preclinical studies are one of our R&D key pillars. We strictly follow high ethical standards while conducting preclinical trials.


Clinical studies

Valenta conducts clinical trials in key therapeutic areas: neurology, urology, gastroenterology, immunology, virusology, antibacterial therapy and others. Clinical efficacy and safety are being studied while conducting different clinical trials phases for each medicine.

New medicines are developed through a series of controlled clinical studies when they are evaluated for their safety and efficacy subject up to the highest scientific standards.

We aspire to reach high therapeutic efficacy from the use of our medicines with the minimum rate of side effects. All trials are being conducted in compliance with ICH-GCP.