Active against microorganisms resistant to other antimicrobial agents including antibiotics 3,4

Dosage form
solution for intra-cavity administration, local and external use; solution for infusions and external use; ear drops; solution for topical application.
Active substance
5 mg and 10 mg; 2,5 mg; 0,25 mg.
Due to the mechanism of action, it reduces the risk of pathogen resistance to the drug.
  • The microbiological efficacy of Dioxidyn is 93%, including strains of microorganisms resistant to antibiotics1.
  • No cases of cross-resistance with antibiotics have been described, which allows it to be used in cases of polyresistance of bacterial flora1.
  • Increase of antimicrobial activity in oxygen-free conditions up to 100 times2.
Indications for use3

In otorhinolaryngology:

  • Acute purulent otitis media with perforation.
  • Exacerbation of chronic purulent otitis media.
  • Acute tonsillopharyngitis.
  • Exacerbation of chronic tonsillitis.

In outpatient surgery:

  • Superficial and deep wounds of various localization.
  • Long-term non-healing wounds and trophic ulcers.
  • Phlegmons of soft tissues, infected burns.

In hospital surgery:

  • Purulent processes in the thoracic and abdominal cavity.
  • Purulent pleurisy, pleural empyema, lung abscesses.
  • Peritonitis, cystitis.
  • Wounds with deep purulent cavities.
  • Prevention of infectious complications after catheterization of the bladder.
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