an innovative antihistamine drug with a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect

Dosage form
Tablets №10
Active substance
Benzhydrylpiperazinyl butyl methyl xanthine succinate
2 мg, 4 мg

Teoritin ®is an innovative antihistamine drug with a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect.

The effect of Theoritin® is due to a synergistic combination of two effects. Pronounced antihistamine effect is provided by the active part of the cetirizine molecule, and pronounced anti-inflammatory effect is achieved due to the biogenic structure of xanthine in a single molecule of Theoritin®.

  • Unique double molecule—no analogues1;
  • It has pronounced anti-inflammatory, antihistamine, antiexudative and antipruritic effects2,3;
  • Has no sedative properties and does not affect the speed of psychomotor reactions3;
  • Convenient reception scheme—1 tablet per day3;

1 According to IQVIA FY 2020. INN Benzhydrylpiperazinylbutylmethylxanthine Succinate;

2 Glushkov R.G., Yuzhakov S.D., Alekseev M.V., etc. A new group of derivatives of 1- and 7-[ω-(benzhydryl-1)alkyl]-3-methylxanthines with antihistamine activity. Chem.-pharm. zh., 2011, No. 45, pp. 3-13;

3 Instructions for medical use of the drug Theoritin® MF, RU LP-005435 from 01/31/2020.